LiveWorld Platform Integrates Smart Automation and Agents

Aug 01, 2017

LiveWorld, Inc.  announced the launch of its new customer service automation suite, aimed at enhancing the power of its social and messaging conversation management platform for service and support organizations. This new feature set aims to provide brands with the ability to offer dynamic and personalized customer experiences by increasing the efficiency and productivity of customer service organizations. This offering provides a real-time responsive solution to the growing volume of inquiries coming through mobile, messaging apps, and social media. By automating routine tasks and responses, brands are able to realize cost savings, scale engagement, and allow human agents to use their skills and empathy on conversations that matter most. 

LiveWorld’s feature set includes:

Conversation Management

  • Smart Triage – Offers automatic tagging, prioritization, routing, and notification of high-priority customer service requests.
  • Chatbot Integration – Enables first responder bots to collaborate with agents as digital assistants to answer routine tasks, while also directing more complex requests to agents, automatically or upon customer request.
  • Integrated Customer Profile – Provides full conversational history, CRM integration, and automatic segmentation, delivering a complete understanding of the customer for more personalized and accurate responses.
  • Intelligent Responses – Offers access to a library of dynamic customer responses and a customized set of rules for delivery based on customer status, time since last response, segment, or keyword.


Resolution Management

  • Auto-Distribution Workload Management– Implements an even workload amongst team members through inbound request balancing or round-robin team assignments. 
  • Automation Rules  Customizes scheduling for auto re-engagement, satisfaction surveys, conversation conclusions, and more.

Conversation Analytics

  •  Conversational Engagement – Provides view of topic popularity, sentiment, and performance of customized content categories.
  • Resolution Metrics – Measure time-to-resolution, first response time, and conversation resolution trends to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Performance Measurement – Evaluates the performance of the customer service team with metrics, such as first response and resolution times, to educate brands on agent efficiency.