LiveWorld Enables Customer Service in Messaging Apps for Large Companies

Mar 30, 2017

LiveWorld, Inc., the social customer experience company, announced the expansion of its comprehensive conversation management software to major messaging platforms worldwide, now enabling brands to connect with consumers on preferred digital communication channels. The LiveWorld expansion to WeChat, Telegram, and web chat further enriches customer experiences with the personalized, real-time brand interactions already supported for Facebook Messenger and most major social media platforms.

With user profiles linked between communication channels, the software provides companies with a thorough understanding of customers based on previous engagements, behaviors, and preferences. By linking profiles from all touch-points, brands can have an all-inclusive view of customer conversations across messaging and social media channels. Though each channel offers a unique experience, the software imports and supports its features through the LiveWorld interface, facilitating conversations in one place.

LiveWorld accelerates real-time brand conversations, reduces response time to deliver faster resolution, and efficiently scales customer management via the bi-directional integration of chatbots with human agents. The platform personalizes interactions with the ability to identify, track, archive, and better understand customer behaviors to elevate brand engagements. Full contextual conversation data customizes the experience across social media and messaging apps.

LiveWorld is the first company in the social conversation management category to build software that not only integrate human agents with automation tools like chatbots and auto responders, but also enables the bi-directional management of any conversation. Currently available in multiple social media and messaging channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat, Telegram, and web chat, LiveWorld will continue its expansion of multi-channel support across more messaging platforms throughout the year.