LiveWorld Allows Brands to Launch and Enhance Facebook Messenger Programs

Mar 09, 2017

LiveWorld, Inc., a social customer experience company, announced a new end-to-end Facebook Messenger program for brands eager to enhance engagement and interaction on this emerging platform. LiveWorld is the first company to release a comprehensive Messenger solution that offers program strategy development, enterprise conversation management software, chatbot development and integration with human agents. LiveWorld also offers services to monitor and engage customers 24 hours per day. 

LiveWorld’s technology equips brands with the ability to provide personalized interactions at scale and in real time across Messenger and social media channels. With an emphasis on high-quality engagement, brand interactions can be integrated with existing CRM and Help Desk applications, providing customer service agents access to insights from every chatbot and human agent conversation. 

LiveWorld enables companies to provide custom, personalized customer experiences through Messenger conversations. Brands have the flexibility to combine domain-specific chatbot responses with the empathy and full contextual understanding of human agents. The platform supports a high volume of conversations across multiple accounts and social media networks in one easy-to-use workflow. The platform provides full conversation management of inquiries, prioritization, distribution, escalation, and resolution. LiveWorld simplifies real-time customer engagement and optimizes each interaction on Messenger and other messaging apps to better recognize sales opportunities, achieve brand loyalty, and resolve service issues.

For brands that aspire to scale engagement and rapidly respond to customer purchase inquiries or service issues, LiveWorld also provides strategic chatbot development planning and program management. LiveWorld’s open API and support enables easy integration of brand or third-party chatbots with full conversation management. Further, integration with CRM and help desk applications gives brands instant access to customer profiles and conversation histories, allowing them to provide personalized experiences in real time.

LiveWorld’s deep bench of social marketing strategists, conversation specialists, chatbot experts, and social data analysts offer Messenger marketing and customer service program planning. With over two decades of social media experience and advanced messaging app and chatbot expertise, LiveWorld is uniquely positioned to deliver conversation-centric engagement strategies, with integrated content planning, analysis, and measurement.

LiveWorld’s human agent services offer 24/7 global coverage of social media and messaging app content moderation, response, and proactive engagement. With more than 70 country/language combinations, LiveWorld U.S. based agents can augment existing brand agent teams or provide a complete outsourced solution. This team delivers quality and scale through specialized processes and enterprise software designed to quickly handle large volumes of instant messages in the moments that shape customer perceptions.