LiveRamp Announces Customer Link

Sep 22, 2015

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, announced the launch of LiveRamp Customer Link, a new SaaS product that connects campaign and sales data across channels and devices. This solution aims to solve the linking challenge that prevents marketers from creating a unified view of customer activity. Customer Link extends LiveRamp's suite of open connectivity services, creating new opportunities for brands to work with their preferred DMPs, DSPs, and attribution platforms to analyze cross-channel campaigns, perform closed-loop measurement, and refine audience models.

American Express, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, TD Ameritrade, Sony, TiVo, and other leading brands are already using Customer Link. Customer Link connects data across more than 200 integrated partners in LiveRamp's ecosystem. Client offline and online records are ingested, anonymized, and then matched to privacy-safe links that represent a unique customer through advanced recognition technologies that include LiveRamp exact 1-to-1 matching and AbiliTec. Finally, matched records are delivered to client analytics teams or attribution platforms for analysis.

More than 25 leading DMPs, DSPs, attribution platforms, data providers, and measurement services companies have created new or expanded partnerships with LiveRamp to use Customer Link, including Adobe, Analytic Partners, Beintoo, Compass, comScore, Datastream, Ensighten, Integral Ad Science, Kantar Shopcom, Krux, MarketShare, Marketing Evolution, MediaMath, Nielsen, Relevate, RUN, Stirista, TransUnion, V12, Vendigi, and Videology.