LiveQoS Acquires Openera

Oct 22, 2013

LiveQoS, a provider of Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile devices, announced the acquisition of Openera. Openera's technology will add a core piece to LiveQoS' product roadmap. This acquisition will bolster the current LiveQoS technology by leveraging the email and file document management and harvesting capabilities of Openera.

The Openera employees have joined the LiveQoS team. Over the past year, the LiveQoS team has grown by over 50%. Formerly operating as IPeak Networks, Live QoS provides end-to-end QoS solutions for real-time applications. Only LiveQoS has IPQ to find and fix the problems on any wired and wireless network. IPQ from LiveQoS dramatically improves users' quality of experience (QoE) for network-based applications in unmanaged networks, guaranteeing the best video, file transfer and virtualization experience for smartphones, tablets, laptops and thin clients.