LiveIntent Announces New Onboarding Service

Mar 12, 2019

LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, announced that beginning in April 2019, they will bring to market a new onboarding service. This on-boarding service responds to demands from publishers and advertisers, and their agency partners, seeking to thrive in a digital ecosystem increasingly defined by privacy, consumer choice, and the dominance of a few industry monoliths.  

The new LiveIntent service focuses on the changing needs that have become paramount for brands and publishers: flexible pricing, customized segments, and better control over their own first-party data, which has been used to power the ecosystem with only limited benefits flowing back to the brands and publishers that create the value. The new service pays special attention to publisher struggles against the triopoly, giving them the ability to onboard advertiser segments directly to their first-party identifiers. LiveIntent’s onboarding service will follow a pay as you go model – with no upfront costs – making the service simple to use.

The LiveIntent on-boarding service addresses critical shortcomings of existing onboarding services, including one-size-fits-all solutions and dependence upon third-party identifiers. Most critically, LiveIntent’s solution creates significantly more value for the Brands and Publishers who are able to create audiences who engage with their content and buy their products and services.

LiveIntent’s onboarding service will continue to put its customers first. All data from customers who do not opt into onboarding will remain siloed. LiveIntent’s onboarding will be powered by one of the world’s largest identity graphs, built through direct relationships with brands and publishers who execute people-based marketing with LiveIntent. Since its inception, LiveIntent has enabled its customers to earn revenue from on-boarding providers, with 80% of customers opting in for the program. Prior to this direct entry into the on-boarding market, LiveIntent acted as a technical and financial intermediary between its customers and a major provider of on-boarding services.

As an example, Publishers leveraging LiveIntent’s service will have the opportunity to pass exposure data back to the buyers of people-based advertising campaigns – addressing the long-standing complaint of advertisers that pass data into walled gardens, only to have aggregated data returned.

As another example, for corporations (and their Enterprise Resource Planning systems), a first-party-data graph, provided by LiveIntent and controlled by the corporation, enables them to make the critical bridge between the online activities of customers on their digital properties and the CRM data maintained in their enterprise systems. 

LiveIntent will be working with its customers to provide more information about its new on-boarding service in the coming weeks.

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