Litigation Solution Offers “Forensic Vault”

Jul 25, 2006


Litigation Solution, Inc. (LSI), a manager in litigation support services including computer forensics, electronic discovery, document imaging, and trial support services for law firms and corporate legal departments, has announced its "Forensic Vault" service to forensically capture, copy, secure, store, and restore electronic evidence for corporations and law firms operating in Texas or the Federal Courts.

The "Forensic Vault" service will enable companies, law firms, and government agencies to have forensic copies made of data on desktop and portable computers, following strict forensic and chain-of-custody procedures for use in ediscovery or as a precautionary measure in the event of future litigation. Companies can have LSI copy and store cloned copies of computers. After the service has copied the data from the computers, it can then be re-formatted for re-deployment by the IT staff of the company, with LSI maintaining the appropriate chain of custody.