ListenFirst Launches Next Generation Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Nov 19, 2019

ListenFirst, a social media analytics solution for the enterprise, announced the launch of a first to market social listening and sentiment analysis solution. ListenFirst combines advanced owned social analytics with cutting edge social listening capabilities, providing a seamless integration of both services into a comprehensive social analytics platform. 

ListenFirst’s new platform offers a single dashboard that combines emotional sentiment on conversations and comments on owned posts with organic and paid engagement, so brands can compare trends in conversations to a brand’s owned performance. ListenFirst’s new platform also gives marketers a deep analysis on owned and authorized social channels, ensuring they have access to actionable data and insights to prove the effectiveness of their social marketing strategy.

Instagram hiding like counts, and possible changes to public metrics coming to other social media platforms, forces marketers to redefine their measure of social media engagement. Coupled with significant changes to privacy regulations, which impacted access to data on multiple platforms, the ability for marketers to analyze brand-owned posts on social media has changed. To enable marketers with a way to gather their intelligence from social in this new era of privacy, the ListenFirst platform presents an integrated and borderless workflow, designed from the ground up to enable brands to analyze their owned and authorized channels.

Traditional methods to measure social engagement have been based on conversation or engagement volume, which are no longer as relevant as they once were. ListenFirst is solving for this challenge by layering in additional high-value metrics that give marketers a multi-layered approach to measuring engagement. 

Key Features Include

  • The integration of emotional sentiment on earned social and comments on owned posts with organic and paid activity to give a brand a full understanding of what their audiences care about and why, and insights to change campaign strategies
  • Advanced visualization allows brands see Classification, Emotion, and Topics combined – understanding the deeper meaning of the conversation
  • Inline analysis allows brands to combine Sentiment with other features like Benchmarking – unique in the industry
  • Top Commenters and Top Posters to identify who’s driving the conversation, their tone, and their focus

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