Liquid Machines Extends ERM Solution; Announces Fileshare Gateway

May 02, 2006

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced the Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway--a solution that enables organizations using the Google Mini enterprise search appliance to index and search rights-managed content.

Using the Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway, enterprises can create and maintain an index of rights-managed enterprise content, and make that index available to authorized users via the Google search interface. The solution recognizes when the Google Mini appliance requests a protected document, and dynamically decrypts the document to provide a clear-text copy for indexing. When a request comes from a standard user, protected documents matching the key search criteria appear as links in the Google Mini interface. The requested file is rights-managed, with access and usage policies enforced using Liquid Machines Document Control.

Google Mini can be directed at various Web-enabled resources within an organization to develop and maintain its index. One common scenario that Google Mini users employ is to locate documents on a file share such as a Windows NTFS file server and Web enable the share using a Web server such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Organizational documents are scanned, indexed, and made available to users via the results of Google search queries. This allows users to search and locate protected content within the enterprise, but the content they download to their desktops retains its protection. Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway is available immediately.

Liquid Machines, Inc. has also announced the Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway, an ERM solution that enables customers to secure their regulated and confidential documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other electronic files that exist on network servers and file shares. Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway extends the networked file server approach to managing and controlling access by placing the protection on the data, automatically encrypting files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and diagrams as they are added to, or modified in, a folder or file share. This is designed to ensure protection not only when documents are stored, but during usage and distribution (e.g. open, edit, save, save as, copy/paste, drag and drop, print, etc.). Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway is also available immediately.