Liquid Machines Announces v2

Apr 06, 2004

Liquid Machines has introduced Liquid Machines v2, an upgrade of the company's flagship enterprise rights management platform. Liquid Machines v2 is designed to deliver broad, automated protection for digital content both inside and outside the firewall, defining how information can be used regardless of where it is created or how it is accessed. Liquid Machines v2 is intended to extend and automate enterprise rights management protection beyond the desktop to line-of-business applications, securing and tracking data with back-office support and the ability to attach policies to information from creation to expiration without requiring specific user action.

The Liquid Machines' solution allows companies to create policies that govern the use and dissemination of corporate data. The policies travel with the data, regardless of what applications or individuals access the data. Liquid Machines v2's features and enhancements include: Secure Partner and Supplier Collaboration; Promoted Policies (provide configurable protection scenarios that give the enterprise flexibility to automate policy attachment without requiring specific user action); Enhanced Logging and Auditing; Role-based Workflow; Back-Office Application Support; Enterprise Help-desk and Systems Management Capabilities. Liquid Machines v2 is available immediately and now includes support for Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat 6, Citrix MetaFrame XP, and Windows XP terminal services. Pricing per user is available on annual subscription basis.