Liquid Machines Announces Migration Program

Sep 02, 2005

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced it will offer a migration program designed to satisfy the needs of businesses that use the Authentica Active Rights Management platform, Authentica Secure Mail, Authentica Secure Documents, or other Authentica software components. The migration program was developed to help Authentica customers and partners concerned with product maintenance, support, and end-of-life issues.

The migration program provides discounts on Liquid Machines software and services and strategic guidance to help companies migrate to a Liquid Machines Enterprise Rights Management solution. The migration program is also designed to serve business partners that specialize in Authentica technology. The new program provides an attractive financial package for Authentica customers, including a license-for-license migration swap for the cost of annual maintenance and 25 percent license discounts on additional licenses and services. These financial incentives are available to new customers that license a Liquid Machines product or service no later than December 1, 2005. The program offers migration-planning services to help customers evaluate applications and platforms, as well as data migration tools to shorten the total implementation time.