Linqia Offers a Suite of Measurement Tools to Prove Influencer Effectiveness

Mar 14, 2019

Linqia, the performance-based influencer marketing company, announced the availability of its new Intelligence Suite to assess a marketer’s ROI and ad effectiveness from their influencer marketing campaigns. As an industry first, brands and agencies can now directly measure the impact of a campaign to justify their influencer marketing spend across brand awareness, ad creative impact, consideration, purchase intent, offline store visits, in-store sales, TV tune-in, and likelihood to recommend.

Linqia partners with industry leaders in measurement and attribution including Dynata, formerly Research Now SSI, for ad creative impact, IRI for sales lift, Foursquare and Placed for store visits, and Samba TV for TV tune-in. Each report from Intelligence Suite measures the effectiveness of Linqia influencer marketing advertising by using validated third-party methodology. Results are reported by the brand’s audience segments to provide visibility into not only campaign performance, but learnings to inform future influencer campaigns and other marketing activities.

Virtually all large scale Linqia campaigns now include at least one report from the Intelligence Suite showing tangible metrics tied to impact, as well as actionable insights that can be applied to other marketing efforts. According to Dynata’s ad creative studies with Linqia, the average purchase intent increase to date across all measured Linqia campaigns is a 16% increase.

Linqia first selects influencers using PerformanceMatch to find the right influencers to create compelling organic content. After the organic campaign runs, Linqia’s proprietary, AI-based content qualification system called PerformanceLiftTM determines which creative assets to amplify based on a series of tests and optimizations. When this is complete, brands can now use Linqia’s Intelligence Suite to measure and get insights into business metrics.

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