LinkedIn Introduces Intelligent Applications Platform, New Productivity Features

Dec 11, 2007

LinkedIn, a professional network, introduced the Intelligent Applications Platform intended to enable partners to build new professional applications across the web. LinkedIn also announced BusinessWeek as an inaugural partner with additional partners to be announced in coming months. LinkedIn's Intelligent Applications platform is composed of two pieces: the ability to get LinkedIn into your application, and the ability to get your application into LinkedIn. LinkedIn partners will be able to build LinkedIn features into their applications, enabling LinkedIn users to access their professional networks wherever and whenever they need it to accomplish professional tasks. Using a set of LinkedIn APIs and widgets, partner sites using the Intelligent Application Platform will be augmented with business networking features. LinkedIn's first publishing partner, BusinessWeek, is developing an Intelligent Application that will reside on the website. The application is intended to enable readers of to access their professional network to look up profiles of people and find connections at companies featured in articles.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has added new features, such as: A redesigned homepage-- now in beta testing-- with several customizable modules; The Answers module showcases what questions your network is asking, so that you can directly contribute to the network's knowledge and perhaps ask a question yourself; The People module showcases the contacts you can make through your network (by using the connections of your connections); and The Jobs module showcases the jobs and opportunities your network can help you with.