Link-Assistant Releases SEO Tool

Aug 22, 2006

Link-Assistant, a software company with a focus on developing solutions for the SEO industry, has announced the release of LinkAssistant SEO tool product. LinkAssistant 2.3.2 gives users the tools to manage link-building campaigns, increase site's link popularity, improve Google rankings, and drive traffic to the site.

LinkAssistant focuses on finding link partners, contacting them, creating custom link directories and making them available online to monitoring the back links, and search engines positions. LinkAssistant 2.3.2 costs $99.95 for the full version, and users can manage a number of sites with no extra charge.

Readers can use a special coupon code to get a 20% discount on the full version of LinkAssistant. The offer is valid within 30 days. For more information on the product and free coupon code, please visit the company's website.