Lingotek's AEM 6.2 Connector Brings Dynamic Multilingual Capability to Adobe Experience Manager

Apr 11, 2017

Lingotek, a translation network, announced that the Lingotek - Inside AEM 6.2 connector is Adobe-certified, bringing its fully networked, automated translation solution to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) users. AEM is a comprehensive content management platform for building websites, mobile apps, and forms to make managing marketing content and assets easier for large enterprises.

The Lingotek - Inside AEM 6.2 connector gives enterprises the ability to translate content without ever leaving the AEM site. This is different than other AEM translation connectors that take content out, send it out to an FTP site, and then require users to put that content back into the system. The Lingotek - Inside AEM 6.2 connector can be used to:

  •  Automate translation of AEM content: menus, blogs, pages, and more
  • Streamline project management and improve operational efficiency
  • Create default workflows to automate assignments and publishing
  • Display translation status to ensure projects are on schedule
  • Reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy by reusing translation memories (TM)
  • Customize where and when TM can be leveraged

Lingotek Inside Connectors offer out-of-the-box integrations with popular web applications: CRM, CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, social business software, marketing automation suites, desktop files, and even software localization. Lingotek connectors have access to its award-winning translation management system(TMS) so the entire process of authoring, publishing, targeting, optimizing, and personalizing web content is automated. In addition, the new Lingotek Multilingual Business Intelligence app gives AEM users real-time analytics on the state of multilingual content management across the entire enterprise in a single view. It aggregates translation performance data to inform management's strategic decisions on the allocation of time, money, and resources.