Lingotek Grants Free Access to its Language Search Engine and Other Tools

May 04, 2007

Lingotek has offered free access to its Language Search Engine and other Web 2.0-based translation-related software tools. Lingotek's existing customers were given the first chance to sign up for additional free licenses. The Language Search Engine works similarly to internet search engines. Rather than searching the web, however, it performs searches against large collections of Translation Memories to find previously translated content that most closely matches the meaning of the sentences or phrases that need to be translated. Free access to the Language Search Engine includes both open and closed Translation Memories, which combined memories can include an unlimited number of individual Translation Memories. All Lingotek users can access and contribute to the open Translation Memory, while closed Translation Memories are only accessible by those who created them or those who have been granted access by the creators. In addition, the Lingotek project management system can help project managers track translation projects in real-time with visibility into the actual translation as it is being performed. The system's alignment tool, glossary capabilities, version tracking, and other tools are all included and available at no charge to all Lingotek users. Language professionals who want to acquire a free Lingotek license can do so by logging on to the Lingotek web page.