Lingotek Announces New Workbench Quality Checks

Apr 18, 2017

Lingotek, a translation network, announced enhanced Workbench quality checks in its translation management system (TMS), as part of the company's tech-enabled linguistic quality assurance (LQA) initiative. From the Quality tab inside Lingotek's translation Workbench, project managers, translators, and reviewers can run quality checks beyond traditional spelling and grammar.

Lingotek's quality checks use rules to detect hundreds of error types, allowing linguists to quickly navigate to the segment, review, and correct potential quality issues before delivering the completed translation. Errors such as missing format tags, missing terms, punctuation differences, malformed or missing IP addresses, email addresses and many more, prevent costly localization mistakes and improve efficiency of the overall translation process.

By eliminating the need to use offline tools to perform quality checks, Lingotek says it speeds automation, reduces time to market, and helps translators deliver faster, higher quality translations.

Lingotek's quality checks search for a wide-range of quality issues, such as:

  • Locale: Incorrectly localized dates, times, or numbers
  • Markup: Tag applications for bold or italics by segment, and missing placeholder tags
  • Length: When translations are suspiciously shorter or longer than expected
  • Omissions, additions, and untranslated elements
  • White Space
  • Patterns: Improper format for email or IP addresses, missing, or incorrect punctuation
  • Terminology Checks
  • And many more