Lincoln Institute-George Washington Joint Venture Restores Federal Service

Jun 09, 2009

A new online database created by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the George Washington Institute of Public Policy provides information on local property taxation in all 50 states. The website also provides data from the Census of Governments on state and local property taxation. The online database, in the Resources and Tools section of the Lincoln Institute website, is called Significant Features of the Property Tax. The name pays tribute to Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism, a flagship publication of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR). The website allows users interested in a specific state to view the information through state summary tables, while those wishing to compare information across states can generate customized tables for multiple states on a specific topic. The site is organized in these major categories: General Characteristics of Local Taxation of Property, Property Tax Relief and Incentive Programs, Structural Arrangements of Property Assessment, and Census Data.