Lightt 3.0 Lets You Capture, Edit, Personalize And Share Life's Experiences As Ongoing Stories

Nov 21, 2013

Lightt, a mobile video creation and sharing platform for the iPhone and iPad, introduced Lightt 3.0. Selected by the App Store as one of its Best New Apps, Lightt 3.0 allows you to create continuous video timelines, synchronize music, and tap into a rich palette of features and effects in the moment with a touch of your screen or a shake of your phone.

With Lightt you can share experiences as ongoing stories, not just short, isolated moments in time. Each video made with Lightt connects into a video timeline, like an ongoing movie stream. You can create multiple video timelines, called channels, which chronicle moments of life into memories around any experience or theme like family, friends, food, travel, and concerts. Because all Lightt videos are saved securely in the cloud, you can remix and connect video clips captured by different people to create a truly social experience.