Lightspeed Modernizes Data Buying Approach, Platform And Management

Mar 22, 2018

Lightspeed, a division of WPP’s data investment management group, Kantar, is modernizing how it buys and manages data to make it easier for clients to flexibly choose from a wider variety of quality data sources based on timing and pricing needs. This includes how Lightspeed interacts with sourcing partners, the underlying technology, as well as its executive management.

The modernization program includes the following changes:

  • New major licensing partnership with Cint: Cint, an Insight Exchange, will become Lightspeed’s primary platform for real-time feasibility, pricing, and supply chain management of proprietary and third-party profile sources.
  • New Chief Data Officer:Marc Ryan has been appointed Lightspeed’s Chief Data Officer. This is a newly created position to oversee platform strategy and engineering resources and expand utilization of survey and non-survey data.

The new arrangement will also help clients “know more by asking less” through the enablement of a wider set of data to be appended to insights projects, such as ad effectiveness work that has been in use by Kantar Millward Brown which will now be expanded through this partnership. This announcement follows Lightspeed’s previous announcement regarding the launch of the Gravity Network in August 2017. Gravity Network increased the reach of programmatic options globally.