Libraries Get Free Open-URL Linking With The New WilsonWeb

Feb 21, 2003

WilsonWeb has unveiled its new WilsonLink SFX technology for sharing resources. WilsonLink is free with a subscription to the new WilsonWeb database service and provides linking features with other online database vendors. Powered by Ex Libris's SFX technology, WilsonLink allows researchers to click from citations on WilsonWeb databases to the full text of articles and related material from a multitude of sources, where the library subscribes to both WilsonWeb and the linked resource. WilsonLink is designed to make research easier with access to a wider range of data, and save libraries money, by linking to other open-URL sources without the need for the library to invest in their own link server. The new WilsonWeb (a redesign of the database service first introduced in 1997) debuted in November 2002, with more intuitive navigation, detailed user statistics, natural-language searching, full-text searching, relevancy-ranked results (based on Wilson's indexing metadata), more administrative control, customization options, and other advancements.  It hosts more than 50 H.W. Wilson reference databases.

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