LexisNexis and State Net Expand Alliance

Apr 10, 2007

LexisNexis, a provider of information and services solutions, has announced an expanded alliance with State Net by adding state legislative history content to the LexisNexis services. State legislative history is designed to give legal and government affairs practitioners' insights as to the legislative intent behind proposed and enacted legislation. With the addition of State Net Legislative Histories, LexisNexis provides complete research solutions to help practitioners track proposed and enacted legislation and also dig deeper into the meaning of legislation to ensure that their compliance programs not only fit the letter of the law, but also the intention. The State Net content available on the LexisNexis services provides: access to legislative history since 2003 (2000 in California); full-text searching through thousands of Committee Reports, Fiscal Notes, Governors' Messages, etc.; and access to legislative history linked directly from the Bill Tracking Document along with the full text of the bill.

(www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)