LexisNexis Unveils Analytics Package, New Academic Interface

Jan 15, 2010


LexisNexis announced the release of LexisNexis Statistical Insight, a platform designed to enhance search performance and overall user experience. The platform helps researchers quickly locate statistical information by accessing data from federal agencies, states, business organizations, research institutions, and international organizations. Previously known as LexisNexis Statistical, the newly redesigned service will be showcased this weekend at the American Library Association's Midwinter Conference.

In other news, LexisNexis revealed a major update to its LexisNexis Academic service, providing simpler and more streamlined access to content through user interface improvements. Included in the updates are a shift to a widget-based model for the Easy Search form, as well as the ability to more accurately specify subject areas. Beta testing was conducted this past fall, and the interface is now available to all users of the service.