LexisNexis Negative News Search Helps Identify People, Organizations with Negative Affiliations

Oct 14, 2005

LexisNexis, a l provider of legal, news, business information and risk management services, announces the addition of a powerful new search capability for its Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management, and RiskWise applications. Called Negative News, the new feature searches over 13,000 news sources for negative news content relating to a specific subject person or business entity.

The Negative News search enables users to find out information about an individual or organization that might not be readily available through regular public records searches. Users only need to input the name of a person or business, and Negative News automatically builds a search that identifies articles in which the name of the person or business appears in close proximity to mentions of criminal acts, bankruptcies or illicit behavior. Examples of terms that Negative News looks for in the text of articles include "bribe," "drug," "felony," "misconduct," "negligence," and "theft."

The LexisNexis Negative News search automatically performs a search of news articles that contain mentions of the subject, be it a person or business, in close proximity to a derogatory term. For a limited time, from October 13 through October 31, 2005, the LexisNexis Negative News search will be available to LexisNexis customers for FREE. After such time the Negative News search will be available for a fee.