LexisNexis Launches LexisNexis Congressional

Jan 27, 2006

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of news, business, and legal information services, has launched its redesigned LexisNexis Congressional interface. The interface will allow more than 200 years of congressional archives to be searched online. A new interface and improved functionality allow users to search across different data sources, such as legislative histories, published or unpublished hearings, bills, and House and Senate reports--within a single search.

When a user begins their search they have three primary options: The Basic Search form allows novice and advanced users to conduct general searches in either natural language or with Boolean connectors of abstracts, titles, controlled vocabulary and other bibliographic data, excluding full text for targeted results; The Advanced Search gives more experienced users the ability to search in both full text and metadata for results. Here the user can choose to access one, all, or a combination of collections in their subscription; and The Search By Number form is for targeted searches of congressional publications that reference a bill, or a publication number, or are associated with a public law or other numbered information. Search by Number can help users find a specific record by publication number, SuDoc or CIS accession number, or a specific legislative history by enacted-bill number, public law number or statutes-at-large citation. The redesigned interface also provides sample citations to help users select the appropriate format when entering the number they wish to search.

Search options can be restricted by date, or Congress, as well as full text, or only metadata. Enhanced segment searching can pinpoint information by source, subject, title, witness, witness affiliation, or author. LexisNexis Congressional also provides the option of downloading large documents in different sections.

(www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)