LexisNexis Launches HotDocs 6.2 Desktop Version

May 04, 2004


LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news, and business information services, has launched HotDocs 6.2, the latest desktop version of its document automation software. HotDocs 6.2 includes several enhanced features intended to improve the productivity of document template developers and the user interface, such as new scripting commands, template navigation tools, and enhanced template interview options.  

HotDocs 6.2 will include two new utilities: the HotDocs Template Conversion utility is designed to make it simple to upgrade entire libraries of templates from previous versions of HotDocs, or to convert word-processor-based templates to the faster RTF format. The new HotDocs Debug utility helps make templates more efficient by identifying template problems and inconsistencies.

In addition, HotDocs 6.2 customers may also purchase the new HotDocs Markup Utility.  This optional utility facilitates document markup and content development by content or subject matter experts within a firm and improves document markup capabilities from clients.

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