LexisNexis Launches Global Technology Platform

Dec 19, 2003

LexisNexis Group, a provider of legal, news, and business information, has announced the launch of a single global technology platform that is designed to deliver its information products and services in the United States and worldwide. LexisNexis plans to launch enhanced online legal research products in Australia and France in the first quarter of 2004. LexisNexis will also begin releasing enhanced news and business research and business intelligence products on the new platform to companies and information specialists in Germany in early 2004. The new platform is intended to allow LexisNexis' local businesses to benefit from Web technology and a consistent user interface, while customizing products to the specific information needs and language of a country, jurisdiction, or market. The platform is designed to offer customers LexisNexis local and global products with enhanced functionality, advanced taxonomy and improved searching and linking.

LexisNexis expects to develop further information services product concepts using the system. These include products that are designed for electronically filing and retrieving court documents and other public records and electronic discovery, as well as those that integrate information and tools into customer portals, business intelligence processes, and knowledge management systems. Over the next several years, LexisNexis anticipates its customers migrating to enhanced versions of the company's legal and news and business research products using the global platform in Europe, North America, New Zealand, Asia, and Latin America.

While the company projects that the most immediate benefits of a global platform will be seen in France, Australia, and Germany, customers in the United States cane expect incremental benefits such as enhanced functionality and advanced taxonomy evolving from the global platform.

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