LexisNexis Introduces Tax Center

Apr 04, 2006

LexisNexis U.S., a global provider of information products and services for legal and tax professionals, has introduced LexisNexis Tax Center, an online research tool that offers tax professionals access to tax research materials. Content includes materials from CCH, Tax Analysts, Kleinrock, Matthew Bender, and other sources, including premium information unavailable from any other provider. Developed specifically for tax professionals, LexisNexis Tax Center helps streamline tax research in a single interface integrating access to premium content with primary source materials, including federal and state tax laws, regulations, administrative material, case law, and public records.

LexisNexis Tax Center features tools to pinpoint relevant material, including: Enhanced navigational technology that allows linking among critical primary and secondary content such as cases, codes, treatises, and other analytical sources; Exclusive insights and analysis written by tax practitioners; LexisNexis Tax Center offers topical materials and explanations from authoritative sources including Federal Income Taxation of Corporations Filing Consolidated Returns, Rhoades & Langer, U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties, Federal Income Taxation of Inventories, and additional publications from Matthew Bender, Tax Analysts, and other tax and accounting publishers; Quicker navigation and faster results for greater ease of use, LexisNexis Tax Center gives users the flexibility to conduct research across multiple sources in a single search or begin research from topic-specific tabs. Users also have the ability to save favorite searches and sources on the customizable interface; and LexisNexis Tax Center uses Shepard's Citations Service to ensure customers are relying on current law. 

LexisNexis Tax Center packages are available, each specifically designed for different tax practices. There are base packages with federal and state information that most practitioners need, as well as add-ons for specialized practice areas such as estate planning and international taxation. These are priced on an annual subscription basis, depending on content accessed and numbers of professionals in the firm or corporate tax department. LexisNexis Tax Center is available now.

(www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)