LexisNexis Expands Suite of Business Information Solutions

Jun 10, 2003

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, business, and news information, has announced several enhancements to its information services suite. An advanced version of the Company Dossier, the new Industry Dossier, and the LexisNexis Publisher products provide information professionals with a broader and more comprehensive tool set. LexisNexis' Company Dossier service is a tool for client and business development, sales and marketing, and competitive intelligence needs. The upgraded Company Dossier allows users to gather market information on businesses more efficiently. Users can specify search criteria on up to 16 attributes simultaneously, such as geographic location, company size, and financial metrics, and output side-by-side comparisons against other companies. By the end of June 2003, Company Dossier will be available in two subscription versions: Snapshot and Complete. The Snapshot Report provides an at-a-glance analysis of companies and is designed for confirming company information or building mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns. It includes basic information, such as: company overview, high-level financials, key competitors, executives and directors, products and brand, parent and subsidiary structure, and relevant news articles. The Complete Report provides all the information provided by Snapshot, as well as five specialized, in-depth reports to provide you with investigative information or analysis on a particular company, including In the News, Business Information Report, Financial Information Report, Legal Information Report, and Intellectual Property Report. The new Industry Dossier is an add-on to Company Dossier that delivers information reporting from such sources as Integra, Economic Census, Mergerstat, Market Guide Industry Report, Disclosure, and Legislative Bills & Bill Tracking. The product provides snapshot industry reports featuring description, related industries, industry performance aggregates, top 20 companies (with related financial data) and recent industry news.  Users can also create four other types of industry reports: Legislative, Mergers, Economic Report and Industry Revenue. Industries are searchable by keyword or SIC codes. LexisNexis Publisher combines the capabilities of two previous LexisNexis products, Web Publisher and Intranet Publisher. This product helps companies to offer up-to-date premium LexisNexis business information to site visitors. At the same time, it allows businesses to deliver information internally, ensuring that employees are kept informed of all relevant happenings in their industry.

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