LexisNexis Enhances Total Search for Legal Professionals; Announces BlackBerry Search Capabilities

Jul 23, 2004


LexisNexis, U.S. has announced an enhanced release of LexisNexis Total Search, the company's Web browser-based application that allows legal professionals to search the lexis.com service and a law firm's internal work product simultaneously. LexisNexis is a provider of legal, news and business information services. The features of LexisNexis Total Search V.2 have been enhanced in response to customer needs, and the application has been made more scalable for large installations. Enhanced features include: the ability to pull documents from multiple document management system sources as well as flat-file systems, such as a shared drive; support of Hummingbird DM5 as a document management source with the ability to retrieve documents directly from the network shared drive; and the ability to search internal firm documents within specific areas of law using the "Search Advisor" taxonomy on lexis.com. LexisNexis Total Search provides end-users with cross-references between and within internal firm content as well as between particular point-of-law discussions within documents. Additionally, LexisNexis Total Search embeds Shepard's Signal indicators into current internal work product as well as LexisNexis content.

LexisNexis U.S. has also announced the second phase of its wireless delivery option for the BlackBerry platform, developed by Research In Motion (RIM). The option is designed to allow business professionals to proactively search, refine, and edit results sets from information sources in the LexisNexis online service via BlackBerry.
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