LexisNexis Enhances Scope of International Content

Oct 11, 2002

LexisNexis, has announced recent international content enhancements that expand its non-U.S., in-country news, and analysis providers. Additions include international market analyses and business and country reports; business and general news outlets from Europe, Canada, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand; services that supply non-U.S. corporate press releases, news, and financial information; and international trade publications on a range of industries. Overseas market analyses and country reports now are available via the LexisNexis services from Business Monitor International and World Market Research Centres, as well as the Institute of Management and Administration's China Business Insider.

LexisNexis also has added daily and weekly general news and business publications and wire services in Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. Canadian coverage new to LexisNexis includes regional and metro dailies, as well as Press News Limited, a multimedia wire service. Four corporate news services--PRLine, CompanyNews, Pressi.com, and Japan Corporate News Network--supply LexisNexis subscribers with Japanese and European company information via sources such as press releases, financial statistics, and annual reports. This content is supplied in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. International trade publications include academic and professional management journals of MCB University Press; M2 publications on Europe's high-tech market; German- and Dutch-language publications covering industries such as baking, agriculture, marketing, media, travel, and pharmaceuticals; and Africa-focused, bimonthly industry journals published by Indigo Publications on mining and energy.