LexisNexis Bolsters its Business Intelligence Content

Oct 22, 2002

LexisNexis has announced many additions to its roster of business intelligence sources. The company has added nearly a dozen financial and investor news and analysis providers including CBS MarketWatch and seven Kiplinger Washington Editors newsletters; a dozen sources of corporate information and statistics on executives, financials, brands, products and consumer trends; and nearly 50 industry trade publications and directories.

In addition to CBS Marketwatch and the newsletters of Kiplinger Washington Editors, new LexisNexis financial and investor news and analysis providers include EFinancialNews.com for coverage of European investment banking, fund management, and securities; and the Fair Disclosure Wire of eMediaMillWorks, which gives transcripts of analyst financial discussions with corporate executives.

Corporate information on executives and company financials is now available from new LexisNexis providers: idEXEC, Integra Information Industry Reports, Gale Group Company Briefs, Media General Financial Services, Gale Taft Directories (also known as Foundation Reporter), and Investors Responsibility Resource Center. LexisNexis also supplies information on corporate brands via the Gale Group's Brands and Their Companies; on product developments via Product News Network; and on consumer trends via four Edimax USA monthly publications.

Industry trade publications for business executives include CFO.com and CIO.com. Government, policy and defense content providers now include Congressional Quarterly (for non-government LexisNexis subscribers only), Jane's Defense Weekly, and Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily. LexisNexis has added several dozen trade publications covering energy, utilities, and the environment. Medical and healthcare resources recently added include two Cahners monthly magazines, Drug Discovery & Development and Genomics & Proteomics; and three reference manuals: Mosby Medical Drug Reference, Taber's Medical Dictionary, and The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV).