LexisNexis Applied Discovery Announces New Features

Sep 20, 2005

LexisNexis Applied Discovery, a provider of electronic discovery services, has announced the collection of new features that have been added to its Online Review Application in 2005. The new features have been added throughout the year as part of the process of updating the application to meet the changing needs of today's legal professionals. The changes to the Online Review Application provide enhanced control in two critical areas: case management and review of native file types.

Case managers have the ability to control critical administrative rights from their desktops. This includes the ability to add or delete specific users, assign and change passwords, manage the default settings of the database on a case-by-case basis, and administer access rights to the review team. Case managers can also assign functional access rights to specific users, thereby controlling the ability to perform searches, create/modify document collections, bulk tag documents, print documents, assign Bates numbers, or redact documents. Additionally, when the need arises, case managers can track the history of how a particular document has been handled, including the date it was uploaded to the database, a list of reviewers who have tagged or changed the status of a document, or a list of users who have printed, redacted or Bates numbered a document. Applied Discovery also now enables specific privilege codes to be assigned to document annotations during the initial review process. With privilege codes assigned and tracked, an automated privilege log can be produced by the case manager at any time during the review process. These case administration capabilities are augmented by the ability to run reports to track active users and gauge reviewer productivity. This functionality is all accessed from the case manager's desktop through the Applied Discovery Online Review Application.

Document reviewers can also review select file types in their native file format. This feature can be important when the data "behind" a document is important, as is often the case with documents created in Microsoft Excel or other file formats where comments and formulas may be best viewed in native format.

LexisNexis has also announced that its Time Matters 7 will provide automatic synchronization with Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 software. Time Matters 7 enables lawyers and law firms to manage their practice with the Time Matters software and automatically transfer ongoing client, case, and billing information to the new Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 software. LexisNexis Time Matters and Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting work together to form a front office/back office solution for lawyers to manage their practice, billing, and accounting needs without redundant data entry and manual linking. Office Small Business Accounting 2006 is available in a stand-alone version or as part of Microsoft Office Small Business Management Edition 2006.

(www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)