LexisNexis Applied Discovery Announces Expansion

Oct 07, 2005

LexisNexis Applied Discovery, a provider of electronic discovery services to law firms and corporations, has announced an expansion of the consulting services offered to its corporate clients.

The consulting services offered by Applied Discovery cover corporate ediscovery needs, including: Litigation Preparedness Consulting, where Applied Discovery partners with companies to identify areas where the client may not be fully prepared for handling ediscovery issues when litigation or another legal document request arises. Key services offered in this area include document retention planning, auditing the effectiveness and legal defensibility of existing document retention plans, and auditing the company's "litigation hold" policies and procedures. Each of these services is designed to aid the client in examining its internal processes to ensure that all are compliant with current legal standards, and to make certain that policies in place are actually being followed; Data Collection Consulting and Data Collection Services, where Applied Discovery assist companies in designing data collection strategies so electronic documents can be harvested when the need arises. Reviewing trouble spots or areas where spoliation claims could arise, data collection consultants help create a protocol that can then be triggered when litigation is pending or imminent. Applied Discovery also offers data collection services to identify, search, and gather necessary data from relevant company systems and users; and E-Discovery Strategy Consulting, where Applied Discovery assists clients by designing and helping to implement a cost-effective, efficient protocol for electronic document review. Consultants are able to assist in preventative training situations, or when a case is pending or anticipated.

(www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)