LexisNexis Adopts XyEnterprise XML CM and Publishing Software

Sep 19, 2003

XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, has announced that LexisNexis, a provider of legal, news, and business information services, has adopted its Content@ content management and workflow

technology for its set of legal titles, including Matthew Bender, Michie, Shepards, and Butterworths. The Content@ solution has been implemented in the United States, United Kingdom, and Pacific Rim. Additional deployments are also planned for Latin America and Europe.

The Content@ content management and workflow system is designed to manage large volumes of XML content, as well as business rules for assembling and publishing this important information. LexisNexis has deployed the Content@ product locally and as an enterprise hosted application, available to multiple product and business groups. The system is used to create and manage versions of content components and to assemble these components into complete documents or products.

Content@'s open API enabled LexisNexis to integrate the application into their worldwide technology platform and leverage its content management, versioning, user access, and re-use capabilities almost immediately. In addition to providing an open and scalable architecture, Content@ has enabled LexisNexis to reduce the time required to publish updates to their product set. It has also enabled the publishing of several new revenue-generating titles from the re-use of content managed in the Content@ application.

The companies have also announced that LexisNexis has standardized its print and PDF publishing operations on another XyEnterprise product, XML Professional Publisher (XPP). XPP is designed for complex and automated publishing tasks in a range of reference, financial, technical, and other publishing environments. LexisNexis has deployed XPP at multiple sites worldwide and has implemented an enterprise accessible, hosted XPP environment. Integrated with Content@, XPP provides automated pagination and rendering of LexisNexis XML content for delivery in print, looseleaf, and PDF form.

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