Lexalytics Customers Can Gain Insights Immediately When New Emojis Go into Mainstream Use

Mar 20, 2018


Lexalytics, a provider of “words-first” machine learning and artificial intelligence, announced support for Emoji 11.0, a set of 157 new emojis from the Unicode Consortium, the governing body that determines the emojis that consumers use worldwide on their devices. With this support, social media marketers, researchers, data scientists, analysts and other Lexalytics’ customers will be able to use the company’s AI-based text analytics platform to immediately gain insights when consumers use the new emojis across social media, email, survey responses and any other form of digital text communication.

Lexalytics uses a hybrid approach to text analytics, combining machine learning with rules and code. Older systems that are solely machine learning based require historical data and markup time in order to train the system, whereas Lexalytics’ solution allows for direct tuning, which is immediate and can be implemented ahead of time, saving hundreds of hours of time in understanding these entirely new emoji “words.”

Emoji 11.0 provides the data needed for vendors to begin integrating the code into their platforms ahead of the launch of Unicode 11.0 scheduled for June 2018, and the new emojis should start appearing on users’ phones sometime in August or September. New emojis include man and woman with new hairstyles (red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired, and bald), superhero and super-villain, leg, foot, hot and cold face emojis, and many more. This brings the total number of emojis to 2,823. For a complete list and sample images of all the new emojis, please visit Emojipedia.