Level 3 Introduces Content Delivery for Extended Libraries

Apr 15, 2008

Level 3 Communications Content Markets Group, an international communications company, announced that it has expanded its suite of content delivery services to include a new service it calls Content Delivery for Extended Libraries (CDXL). Level 3 created this service in response to demand from existing and potential customers with large libraries of digital assets for an economic solution to enable them to monetize their entire libraries of audio and video content--regardless of each asset's popularity. Leveraging its Content Delivery Network and its scalable origin storage solution, Level 3 has introduced proprietary intelligence into its infrastructure which enables content to be delivered dynamically on the optimal path to end users. Level 3's solution intends to enable customers like content owners/aggregators, sports leagues, broadcasters, and user generated content sites to monetize a larger portion of their assets, including their less frequently requested video and audio content by storing and delivering their entire library economically and efficiently. The dynamic intelligence built into Level '’s CDXL solution automatically positions customer content on the Level 3 infrastructure based on popularity and removes the need for customer guesswork about which assets will be popular in certain regions at any given time.