Level 3 Announces Customer Agreement with Teliris

May 04, 2004

Level 3 Communications, Inc. has signed an agreement to provide MPLS-based data networking and other services to Teliris Ltd., a provider of virtual meeting solutions to corporate customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Level 3 is supporting Teliris' GlobalTable service in both North America and Europe. GlobalTable is a multi-screen, multi-location conferencing solution that is designed to offer DVD-quality video and audio, signal delay below perceptible thresholds, and real-time collaboration tools. Specifically, Teliris is using (3)Flex, a data networking service from Level 3 that allows the convergence of video, voice, and data reliably and securely over the Level 3 network. Teliris has also purchased colocation from Level 3 in London to establish a new a Video Network Operations Center (VNOC). Teliris uses the VNOC to manage and monitor conference scheduling, conference set-up, reporting, and diagnostics. The facility is protected by electronic access control systems, biometric palm-scanners, an intruder detection system, and closed-circuit TV monitoring. Teliris is a spin-off of the network and directory services provider Mycroft Inc.