Letingtech Announces Smart Glasses with Alexa and Smart Home Control

Dec 06, 2017

Letingtech announces the launch of LET Glass, AI glasses supported by military bone conduction technology. LET Glass revolutionizes the way you control your smart home. It frees your hands from physical handling of your devices and immerse you in a smart world with the easiest operating mode.

LET Glass integrates audio entertainment, telephone communication, and voice interaction into one pair of glasses. By connecting to Alexa and similar voice control systems through its mobile APP, you can play with your phone without ever touching it. Features include: 

  • Smart Home Control via Alexa
  • AI voice control
  • Bone conduction technologyallows you to listen to audio content from LET Glass while keeping open ears to the surroundings
  • Tap on the legs of LET Glass for remote control
  • Customize your LET Glass with multiple styles of frames and lens
  • On Head Detection 

Letingtech is a start-up company founded by a group of engineers with extensive product development experience. It focuses on smart hardware development.