Leopard Releases em 2.1

Mar 26, 2004

Leopard, a provider of B2B marketing communications services, has released Leopard em 2.1. Leopard em 2.1 is designed to enable marketers to deliver up-to-date literature to sales, partners, and field marketing teams in electronic or hard copy format from a central location on the Web.

Leopard em 2.1 is intended to provide the underlying technology infrastructure that enables marketing organizations to manage everything they produce, distribute final materials in a variety of formats, and measure asset usage, from one central repository. Marketing deliverables can be safeguarded in an online repository that enables geographically dispersed users to find, view, and place orders for materials over the Internet. Enhancements released in Leopard em 2.1 include integrated physical distribution options including print on demand, stock fulfillment, and CD on demand.

The integrated print-on-demand functionality available in Leopard em 2.1 is designed to give marketers a more efficient way to keep up with shortened product lifecycles by printing everything to order. Leopard em 2.1 also offers customers the ability to fulfill orders for stocked items, such as preprinted literature or promotional items, via the system. Users place their orders, and then items are pulled from stock and shipped. In addition, Leopard em 2.1 gives users the ability to order materials stored in the system on CD. The CD is screened with a customer-branded label and a custom title of the user's choice.