LearnWright and Plateau Systems Partner on Hosted ASP Training Offering

May 20, 2005

Plateau Systems, a provider of software for developing, managing, and optimizing organizational skills and talent, and LearnWright, a provider of multimedia training courses for the regulated pharmaceutical, blood-products, and biopharmaceutical industries, has announced a strategic partnership to develop PharmaTrain, a fully "validated" training solution for regulated companies. PharmaTrain is designed to enable biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and blood-products companies to quickly deploy an out-of-the-box training solution that complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) requirements.

Plateau's LMS will serve as the backbone to PharmaTrain, providing organizations with a single source for scheduling, managing, and tracking training activities. Plateau will be pre-configured to meet the workflow and training needs of biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and blood-products companies, and will come pre-loaded with LearnWright's courseware. Offered as an ASP service that has already been validated, the joint solution will provide life sciences companies with an option to meet either departmental or organization-wide training needs. PharmaTrain is scheduled for commercial release in August 2005.
(www.learnwright.com; www.plateau.com)