Lawsuit Against Huffington Post Founder Will Continue

Oct 27, 2011

A New York judge ruled that two political consultants can continue their lawsuit against Arianna Huffington and her partner regarding the origin and ownership of the Huffington Post. According to paidContent, the lawsuit was filed last year, 6 years after the Huffington Post was founded, by Peter Daou and James Boyce. The two Democratic advisors claim that Huffington stole their idea for a Democratic news reporting website and blog.

Huffington maintains that the claims by Daou and Boyce are unfounded and ridiculous, and she questions why they waited 6 years to come forward. Daou and Boyce explain that they believed they were partners of the Huffington Post. No ruling on the suit has been made, but judge Charles Ramos ruled that the claim was valid and could continue to trial, refusing to throw out the lawsuit.