Law360, Parent Company Join LexisNexis

Mar 21, 2012

In a deal of which terms were not disclosed, LexisNexis acquired Portfolio Media, Inc., the parent company of Law360, an online provider of legal news and analysis that is geared toward business lawyers in the United States. Law360 will continue to run as a stand-alone business, while leveraging the content and analytical resources and distribution of LexisNexis.

The acquisition of Law360 is part of LexisNexis' goal to provide legal and business content to its customers. For Law360, the deal will provide an extended reach, an expanded portfolio, and facilitate the creation of new and innovative ways to deliver it to customers.

Law360 publishes breaking news and analysis, with a focus on high-stakes litigation across more than 30 practice areas. This content is distributed through online daily newsletters that reportedly reach more than 100,000 law firm and business professionals.