Latest Version of Video Community “PaltalkScene” also Launches Screen Rooms

Jul 20, 2007

Paltalk has launched Screening Rooms for Socialcasting. Socialcasting, as defined by Paltalk, brings together programming and video content with social networking and live interactive community. This launch also coincides with the release of Paltalk’s latest video community service called PaltalkScene. Screening Rooms, PaltalkScene, and all of its features support an active and participatory, online video experience, where users can watch content and interact with it and each other in real-time. Screening Rooms has been designed to allow anyone to watch shows and pre-recorded video content, either licensed or user-generated, in a public or private video chat room with up to 5,000 other Paltalk members. In the Screening Room, viewers can watch synchronized video content together while interacting with each other in the room through voice, video, and text chat as the video plays. Screening Rooms are available in beta and will be offered in general availability later this year.