Latest Version of Livelink ECM – Contract Lifecycle Management

Jul 27, 2007


Open Text Corporation has announced the latest version of Livelink ECM-Contract Lifecycle Management. The solution is designed to help businesses reduce operating costs and enable compliance with internal and external policies and regulations. Livelink ECM - Contract Lifecycle Management is designed for organizations to have a solution to automate and manage contract processes from creation of individual clauses to secure collaboration during the negotiation process; proactive alerts for contracts that require review and tracking of clauses, renewal dates and terms; and retention, archival and disposition of contracts to satisfy compliance, legal and business policy requirements. The solution also integrates with a variety of enterprises systems so that contract content can be made available in other environments.

The newest version of Livelink ECM--Contract Lifecycle Management includes: Contract Lifecycle Management features an intuitive, reusable template driven approach designed for companies to create contracts and construct complex agreements within pre-planned and pre-approved parameters; When building contracts, users can pull information from a clause library maintained within Livelink ECM and can also interact with line-of-business systems, such as CRM and ERP applications, in particular SAP solutions, ensuring accurate, up-to-date data is selected; Organizations can take advantage of proactive alerts and management reports.