Creates Talking Foreign Phrase Books for Mobiles

Apr 06, 2007 and developers CoolGorilla have announced the launch of six new talking phrase books for mass-market mobile phones. These downloads are available immediately for mobile operator portals through mobile services provider WIN. Users navigate to the appropriate phrase in English that they would like translated and press 'select'. The application then speaks the phrase in the foreign language through the consumer's phone, in real time and provides an additional text translation on screen. The phrase is delivered in the foreign language as the developers used native-language speakers in the creation of the phrase books.

The applications are also ideal for generating repeat purchases, as users pay for one language at a time, i.e. the English/French translator as one download and the English/Spanish translator as another. The applications are available for English-speakers to communicate in six foreign languages: French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese. Each version has between 250 - 300 sound files covering all elements of their foreign experience including Eating, Travel, and Emergencies. Later this year more talking phrase books will be launched including multiple versions communicating from one non-English language to another, e.g. French to Italian.

European operators that are interested in hosting the mobile phone phrasebooks should contact the team at WIN by emailing