Larger Email Lists Boast Order Rates of Nearly 20%

Nov 13, 2018

Omnisend, an ecommerce marketing automation platform, has announced today that new research on email list size statistics based on over 964 million emails studied over 2017, has determined that larger email lists have a much higher order rate despite weaker open and click-through rates.

According to this research, smaller email lists, such as those under 5,000 email addresses, have better open (20.2%) and click-through rates (5.3%) with a typical order rate of 1.8%. However, lists containing more than 50,000 addresses have a nearly 20% order rate. While many would be discouraged by lower open and click-through rates, the data shows that bigger is better for profit margins this holiday season.

With this new information in mind, online sellers should focus their efforts into email list building throughout the Black Friday period to take advantage of the higher order rate that comes with a larger email list. 

There is a variety of methods online sellers use to convert new subscribers to an email list during the holiday period. Creating a pop-up box or an exit-intent box with a sign-up incentive for already deal-conscious shoppers is one effective way. Using gamification to make signing up more attractive to customers, or making it easy by including an opt-in within the checkout flow is also a popular choice.

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