LUMA Bets on HookLogic's Closed Loop

Apr 19, 2016


HookLogic, the pioneer of performance marketing for brands, announced that it received an investment from LUMA Capital Partners, the recently formed venture capital fund of LUMA Partners, an investment bank known for its strategic industry maps known as LUMAscapes. HookLogic is one of the first investments of the fund.

In a recent blog post, LUMA explained the reasoning behind the investment, citing HookLogic as "leading the industry in three market trends that we are watching closely: e-commerce properties transitioning to media companies, results-driven advertising versus proxies, and mobile growth."  The post went on to note that HookLogic is "one of the few companies powering a true marketplace at scale outside the walled garden platforms of Google, Facebook and Amazon."

The investment follows a strong year for HookLogic, in which it surpassed $100 million in sales and launched an aggressive international expansion.  The company was also recently recognized by Forrester as one of 20 start-ups all retail eBusiness executives should know.