LTU Technologies Launches Image-Seeker 7.0

Apr 20, 2007

LTU Technologies, a provider of image search and recognition solutions, has released a new version of its software that analyzes images and video content in real-time, for the purpose of protecting against pornography and unauthorized use of intellectual property. Image-Seeker 7.0 expands capabilities for video filtering, as well as increased processing speed throughout the platform. LTU Image-Seeker provides search and retrieval software for visual assets. Image-Seeker performs automated advanced image analysis to produce an "Image DNA", or descriptor that indexes images by their visual content and identities. Image DNAs can be used to determine whether an image exhibits visual characteristics that make it likely to be non-permissible or critical to be reviewed--such as Porn or Copyright material. Ultimately, authorities can conduct rapid image comparisons rapidly at point of data collection in the field--enabling discovery of images that may serve as relevant evidence in ongoing investigations. Image-Seeker is capable of analyzing more than 20 image and video file formats, including .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .psd, mov, .asf, .avi, and .mpeg as well as images imbedded in a number of other file formats.