LKQD Opens Flash-Html5 Fusion Video Ad Technology To All Premium Publishers

Jul 21, 2016

Likqid Media, Inc. has announced that LKQD FUSION technology is now available to all premium publishers globally. LKQD FUSION addresses the technical and operational challenges encountered by publishers and advertisers as digital video struggles to transition from Flash to HTML5. LKQD FUSION provides real-time communication and functionality bridges between Flash and HTML5 video ads. This enables Publishers to support video ads from all advertisers.

LKQD FUSION's single tag solution alleviates Publisher's all or nothing dilemma to use either Flash or HTML5 for video delivery by supporting both types of ads regardless of a Publisher's configuration.  LKQD FUSION partners can maximize their revenue by delivering both Flash and HTML5 video ads on all inventory while also becoming fully prepared for the inevitable end of Flash.